Why we help

Intercoiffure unites the best hairdressers in the world and has the highest standards in terms of professional and human skills for its members.This is the aspiration from which derived the idea that the association shall also commit itself socially in order to help the people who are not on the sunny side of life. The Intercoiffure Mondial President Klaus Peter Ochs laid the foundation stone when he launched the relief program “Education for Life” in Paris and proclaimed: “We feel it is our duty to support young people and to give them a prospect. The most important thing we can provide is qualified education”. This was at the same time the birth of the first charity project, of the first training school “Casa Do Menor” – a survival relief and a way out of the slums of Rio de Janeiro for young people.

The Education for Life Committee, together with the Intercoiffure Mondial President Klaus Peter Ochs, chairman Jens Dagné and the Intercoiffure charity delegates and board of directors (education for life ambassadors) of each country, coordinates the worldwide activities.

The objective is to run training schools for hairdressing in as many countries as possible.

Where we help

In the meantime, several education projects have emerged around the world, giving the opportunity to young people to receive a qualified training and, consequently, a future. These are children and teenagers from the slums and conflict areas of this world, threatened by starvation, violence, criminality, drugs and war. The majority of young people who have followed a training session in one of these schools could find a job in a hairdressing salon. Education for Life provided immediate help also in natural disasters, in order to help the children on site – in a quick, direct and monitored way, through the worldwide Intercoiffure network of friends.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” True to this guiding principle of Education for Life, we concentrate on a long-lasting help – on the basics of a self-determined life. We sometimes use the facilities of our closely connected “for example Kinderzukunft e.V. and christel house” foundation, which already runs children’s homes for street kids or war orphans in several countries and provides training courses. We thus incorporate and finance the Education for Life training offer in the existing structure.


In 2004, “Education for Life” introduced its pilot project in Brazil, in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. “Casa Do Menor” is located in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Every year around 200 young people are trained in the basics of hairdressing. The aim: offer teenagers a professional perspective, in order for them to earn a living for themselves – free from criminality and drugs. “Casa Do Menor” is a great chance – in the past years around 80% of the trainees have found a job.


Learn to live. Education for the future. Fortaleza is a shelter in northern Brazil for abused and vulnerable children. They are street children with no family and no social ties. Drugs and prostitution are part of the children’s every day life. The “Education for Life“ relief program in Fortaleza supports teenagers aged between 16 and 21. In the training centre, the apprentices become young professional hairdressers.

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In 1992, Ivan Stringhi, launched the Tesourinha project, a non-profi t making civil association providing free haircuts in a slum quarter of Sao Paulo (Brazil). This project focuses on the training of young people in the hairdressing, health, education and environment fi elds. Gradually, the investment of the private sector made it possible to propose new activities in the beauty domain (manicure, pedicure, make-up & depilation) and also courses in other parts of Sao Paulo. The hairdressing course is now completed after 332 hours of training. The training of the youngsters in these various activities includes the contribution of professionals who do lectures and teach the kids notions of citizenship, environment, relaxation, sexuality, family life, and drug prevention. The Tesourinha project also includes cultural activities, participation in events related to the beauty fi eld, free access to these events and invitation of the impoverished people, the involvement of pupils and teachers, demonstrations and workshops with professionals and companies from the beauty area. Thanks to this project, more than 17,000 pupils already joined the work market and there are now 38 teachers involved in the project!

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The “Kinderzukunft” project in Selo Mira, Turija, Bosnia is supported fi nancially by “Education for Life”, among others. The hairdressing salon has been entirely furnished and equipped. The foundation develops and consolidates the training here, in the region. It works on a contractual basis with the professional training centres and reimburses trainees their travel expenses to the centre. Each trainee must sign an agreement requiring him to attend the training and the courses in the centre. The young people in Selo Mira are keen on learning and very motivated. However, there is no training system in Bosnia that can encourage and guide them. In cooperation with the Lukavac training centre, 40 apprentices are trained permanently. The courses are organized on a weekly basis, for each group. The chances of getting a job once the training has been completed are of approximately 50 per cent. Well-being and customer-oriented work are foreign words. Progress is when we are fast; quality remains a vague concept. There have been training centres for a little over 5 years but the basis for training is still very sketchy. In addition to material supply, the hairdressing sector here needs massive support in terms of training the instructors. During a conversation with one of the instructors, she said to me: “Before the war, I didn’t even know there was a difference between Muslims and christians. We lived together and nobody cared about the other’s religion. But after the war ... ”.

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Commitment to charity in Romania. In 2006, a second training centre was opened and equipped in Timisoara, in collaboration with the “Kinderzukunft” foundation. Street children and teenagers from socially vulnerable families can be trained in hairdressing through a six-month course - 16 places are provided every year. The trainees take an exam recognized by the state and get a certificate, the best condition for a job position.

BUZAU and Bucharest (ROMANIA)

Two training centres in collaboration with CONTRAST IMPEX. The two owners (one of them being the President of Intercoiffure Romania) and four additional teachers train from 16 to 64 children in each school through a one-year-program.

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Our training class is an institution funded by Intercoiffure South Africa and industry partners, under the umbrella of the English charity organization “christel House”, where currently around 720 pupils of 12 different age groups are being cared of and instructed.

The teenagers in our Education for Life project are taught 2-3 hours three times per week and in addition many Intercoiffure friends support this project with their own training missions. We will further develop the training in order to obtain a state-approved diploma. Our Intercoiffure initiators on site: Jean, Ezra and Rolf are committed to the organisation and the education. In addition, they tirelessly help collecting donations.

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„Escuela de Peluquería ALAS“ school was inaugurated in 2007. Destined to boys and girls over 17, the school intends to give the necessary tools to the learners to integrate the work life. It started recruiting its learners in the poorest parts of Uruguay. Scholarships have been created for more advanced and specialized trainings. 2 main ateliers compose the program. The first atelier trains specialists of blow-dry, hair washing and manicure. The second atelier brings the knowledge to search a job, informs about the rights of the workers, the possible evolutions in work life, and trains the candidates for future interviews. A real follow-up is established to accompany the candidates in their first work experience.

28.11.2013 marks the launch of “Estudio Paolino” in Montevideo, Uruguay. Under the direction of the Intercoiffure Uruguay President, “Education for Life Uruguay” was founded, together with a new education project. The project could be realized thanks to the commitment of our friends in Uruguay, the financial start-up support and additional donations, like for example hairdressing tools from Switzerland. Currently, ten training positions can be provided. Employed teachers and Intercoiffure friends continuously instruct the young people.

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Two Education for Life Projects in Ukraine: In September 2015 our first project opened its doors in the capital and biggest city: Kiev ! This Educationproject is integrated in the Specialized school of technology and design (Kiev, Yuri Gagarin Blvd. 22). A little bit later, in November 2015, our second project was introduced 500km south of Kiev, right at the Black Sea in Odessa. It is also integrated in the Specialized school of technology and design. These schools give hope to teenagers by giving them the opportunity of proper education.

The classes are incorporated in a public vocational school for young people with poor education. Here the kids experience formal education like it is necessary in their future jobs and they have the possibility of graduating as a certified hairdresser. The associates of Intercoiffure Ukraine will educate the kids themselves. At the beginning we had 20 orphaned Teenagers who, without proper apprenticeship , would have never had a chance to find a job on the market.

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The Kids/ students we are training under Education For Life initiative at Dr. Kochhar's academy come from economically bad conditions. While some of them are single parent children, others are school dropouts who need financial support for vocational education since they cannot afford the same. In this academy the Owner Dr. Blossom Kochhar and the Education for Life Ambassador India Miss Samantha Kochhar work for the students without cost for the Kids/ students. They also pay for the tools and equipment too, if some of them cannot afford to pay up for the tools.

We are happy that we have opened the 12th School-Projekt located in New Delhi (India) in cooperation with Dr. Kochar!

THE EDUCATION FOR LIFE- INDIA Project by Blossom Kochhar College Of Creative Arts & Design.

The successes confirm our concept

Provide education to the best is what we can give, what is reaffirmed time and time again and what is reflected in many individual achievements. Two examples from South Africa: Abbigail Waylin and Noorun-Nisaa Dela-Cruz. They came from the poorest backgrounds; Abbigail lost her father at the age of 15 months and Noorun lived alone with her brother and mother. They attended school in “Christel House” and from 2012, the “Education for Life” training course in hairdressing. Both were highly motivated and happy about their training opportunity. What seemed fun at the beginning quickly became a passion and it showed in their achievements – they had found a job. Two years later: Noorun-Nisaa works in the Salon “Avalon Hair Design”, near Ottery and her employer is very pleased with her professional development. Abbigail has found her position in the renowned Salon “Carlton International Cape Town” with its own training school. In the meantime, she is the assistant of the salon manager and continues to improve her professionalism.

Here are two not unusual professional paths: from the Education for Life school to a job, to a salary and to a better life.

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Intercoiffure Mondial

The worldwide organisation of the hairdressing elite is not only providing the impulse for the best fashion, the association also lives friendship, Logengedanken and thus social commitment. Young people get the best training and conditions for an international career. Individual school projects, top-level seminars, international knowledge sharing, an individual foundation that gives priority to quality optimization and educational support; the charity program and the charity association with their worldwide activities send out a clear signal.


– Founded in 1925 in Germany by hairdressers from Austria, Denmark, England, Germany and Switzerland.
– The international head office is based in the “House of Nations” in Paris.
– – The five pointed star with the stylized globe is Intercoiffure’s trademark that may be carried by its members only.
– The President of Intercoiffure Mondial is Klaus Peter Ochs.


– Joining directly is not possible. You can be suggested or you can make an application.
– The members accept the Intercoiffure standards and their controls.


– Development of new techniques and haircuts.
– Deployment of modern fashion and hairstyle.
– Continuous training and worldwide knowledge exchange.
– Promotion of young trainees and apprenticeship.
– Market-leading quality.

Long term help

Being committed to a charity project means to collect donations, to knock on many doors and to motivate over and over again people, companies and businesses. It does not matter how much someone can donate because our global Intercoiffure network guarantees that each contribution will get to the relief project, without any deduction or administrative cost. Besides the ongoing motivation it is important to continuously develop new ideas and incentives to become involved in the project. These can be regular collections in the context of Intercoiffure events or members’ own celebrations used for fundraising, or like the example of our Brazilian Intercoiffure friends who had their salons nationwide opened a day just for the relief project and donated the day’s receipts. For the same reason Jens Dagné, Ludwig Janz and Klaus Bertisch founded the first Charity Golf Club “Play for Life e.V.” in Germany. A portion of the membership fees is donated to the charity association. Together with sponsors and longtime friends from the industry, they organize a Charity Golf Cup, which regularly brings in the major part of the annual donations. This outstanding project is also supported by prominent members of the public and by the media.“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. True to this motto, concentrates on long term help and on a basis for self-paced life. Therefore we regularly work together with the institutions of the Rudolf-Walter-Foundation (Kinderzukunft e.V.). They operate several children’s homes for war orphans and offer trainings as well. Our “Education for Life” trainings are directly integrated into their structure. If you want to support our work you can donate. Thank you!

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